Session Scoop: End of Session…for now…Wrap Up

It’s amazing how Annapolis changes after Session has ended. There’s ample parking available…well, maybe not ample, but it’s a lot easier to find a spot than it was a couple weeks ago. The morning commute is less crowded. No more tv trucks stacked up around State Circle. As this city […]

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  • MAIF teams with State Police to remind Marylanders to "Move Over"

    Here at the Scoop, much of our focus is on proposed legislation…mainly the process of how a bill becomes law. Each session, an average of 2,500 bills are proposed. Of those, about 30% make it through readings, hearings, committees, subcommittees, crossover, power breakfasts at Chick and Ruth’s, to vote, then […]

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  • Session Scoop: HB 1178 – Failure to Render Assistance

    In the final scene of the series Seinfeld finds Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer in a jail cell. They’d been arrested under a Good Samaritan law for standing by and watching while someone was being mugged. This year, a similar law has come up for debate here in Maryland. (HB1178) […]

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  • Session Scoop: Amid the Chaos of Session, There is Art

    If you’ve never been to the Miller Senate Building to watch or testify in committee hearings, you might not be aware that Annapolis is home to two of Maryland’s artistic treasures. As you cross the threshold of the building, you walk over a marble mosaic of the Great Seal of […]

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  • Session Scoop: Older Driver Testing

    On February 1, 2012, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee heard Senate Bill 111, an administrative bill for the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), which proposes that Maryland Drivers Licenses and Identification Cards move from a five-year renewal cycle to an eight-year renewal cycle. This hearing quickly turned from a simple housekeeping […]

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