What is Maryland Auto's claim process?

When a claim is reported to Maryland Auto, a claims representative is assigned to investigate the accident. The claims representative reviews the insurance policy and the coverage available for the loss to determine what types of damage or injuries are covered.

The claims representative attempts to contact everyone involved in the accident – drivers, passengers, witnesses, etc. – to get everyone’s account of the accident. When there are conflicting versions of what occurred in the accident, the claims representative gathers and reviews additional relevant information, such as the police report, applicable state and local traffic laws, and photos of the scene and the cars involved. After considering all the facts, the claims representative determines the cause of the accident, and handles the claim accordingly.

What are Maryland Auto's hours of operation?

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Your claim may be reported up to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How do I report a claim?

To report a claim, simply call 1-800-492-7120 and press Option 3 for claims. After you make a report to Maryland Auto, one of our qualified claims representatives will contact you within the next business day.

What information will be helpful when filing a claim?

When you are involved in an accident and need to report a claim, here is the basic information you will need:

  • Insured name and address
  • Date of accident
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Year, make and model of the cars involved
  • Passenger and witness names and contact numbers

If I am in an accident, should I call the police?

If you are involved in an accident, please contact your local law enforcement authority as soon as it is safe to do so.

When will I hear something about my claim?

It’s reassuring to know the status of your claim. Maryland Auto keeps you updated on how your claim is coming along. If you ever have questions about your claim, you can speak to your claim rep by phone or through our Contact Your Claim Rep page.

Who is my claim representative and how can I contact them?

Our claims representatives not only take care of your claim, they can explain the process, answer your questions, and help you every step of the way.  After you report your claim to Maryland Auto, your case will be assigned to one of our qualified claims representatives.  You can contact your claim rep on the Contact Your Claim Rep page.

What should I do if my car is not drivable or was towed from the accident location?

If your car is not drivable or unsafe to drive after an accident, you should have it moved to a safe location.

If your car has been towed to a tow lot or salvage yard, it is very important to have your car moved as quickly as possible to the body shop of your choice. Most of these locations charge a daily storage fee that you may be responsible for paying.

Where do I get an estimate for my damages?

If your car is safe to drive, we’ll schedule a time for you to visit one of our five convenient Estimate Center locations so you can get an estimate of damages to your car. If it’s not safe to drive, just let us know and we will send an auto damage appraiser to the car’s location.

Where can I get my car repaired?

You can take your car to the repair shop of your choice.

What if my repair shop finds more damage?

When a car is involved in an accident the first estimate may not be the last.  Many cars have damage that is not visible at first. Any adjustments made to the initial estimate are called “supplements”.

If additional damage is found while repairing your car, the repair facility will contact Maryland Auto to complete a supplemental estimate.

My car is a total loss. Should I pick up my tags?

If your car has been declared a total loss by an auto damage appraiser, you may need to have your car moved to a safe location.  Depending on the situation, you may be able to remove your tags and personal belongings prior to the car being moved.  Contact your Total Loss Evaluator, one of your claim reps, to determine what options may be available to you.

Can I get a rental car?

If your car is scheduled for repairs, you can request a rental by using our Rental Request Form.

If you have rental car reimbursement coverage, your claim representative can arrange for a rental car while your car is being repaired or replaced.

Here is how it works.

You have a right to use any rental provider or location you choose.

If you choose to use Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Maryland Auto will be billed directly for your rental car.  Our rental coordinator will verify your authorization with your claim representative and contact you within the next business day.

If you are authorized for a rental, we will provide you with a confirmation number and Enterprise rental branch location.

If you choose another rental provider you may have to pay the cost up front and we will reimburse you up to the limits of your rental reimbursement coverage. Ask the rental company if direct billing is available. In all cases you may be subject to providing a credit card to meet the rental company’s security deposit requirement.

Here is what’s covered.

Coverage will be provided for the reasonable costs of a rental while your car is being repaired. Rental Reimbursement does not cover the costs of gas, mileage or additional coverage, or any security deposit required by the rental company.

Where do I send legal papers?

Fax legal papers to (667) 210-5105 and mail the original papers as soon as possible to:

Maryland Auto Insurance

Attn: Claims

PO Box 6310

Baltimore, Maryland 21230-0310

Legal papers can also be emailed to us using our Contact Your Claim Rep form.

We suggest you follow up with a phone call to your Maryland Auto claim representative within 3 business days.

What is Maryland Auto Insurance?

Maryland Auto Insurance was created by the state of Maryland to keep residents on the road legally, safely, and simply. We help drivers get the coverage they need to keep moving forward—in their cars and in life. Our policies are sold through a network of more than 1,400 agents located throughout the state. We are a one-of-a-kind organization; no other state has a similar entity.

Does Maryland Auto compete with standard insurers?

No. Maryland Auto provides a transitional solution for uninsured drivers who cannot obtain insurance in the private market; therefore, we do not compete with standard insurers. We are dedicated to keeping Maryland roadways safe, and that means insuring every resident with a valid driver’s license. We won’t turn drivers away.

Other insurance carriers may cancel or deny coverage to drivers because of lapses in coverage or issues with driving records or credit history. Most standard carriers require six months to one year of continuous auto insurance coverage in order to qualify for a policy. Because we do not incorporate credit, education, or occupation into our rating factors, we provide coverage to drivers who do not qualify with standard insurers.

Is Maryland Auto just for bad drivers?

No. In fact, 60 percent of the drivers we insure have “clean” driving records with one or no points on their licenses. While we do provide coverage for drivers who have been cancelled or denied based on their driving record, many of our policyholders have been cancelled or denied because of lapses in coverage or credit issues. Whatever the reason, we provide a transitional solution to keep you covered until you are eligible for the standard market.

What are the Maryland Auto eligibility requirements?

State law mandates that in order to be eligible for insurance through Maryland Auto, you must:

  • Be a Maryland resident; and
  • Own an automobile registered in Maryland OR have a valid Maryland driver’s license; and
  • Have been canceled or not renewed by a standard insurer for a reason other than non-payment of premium OR have been refused insurance by two (2) standard insurers; and
  • Not owe Maryland Auto any unpaid premium.

—Annotated Code of Maryland, COMAR

Do my tax dollars fund Maryland Auto?

No. While created by the state of Maryland, Maryland Auto does not receive funding from the state’s general fund. Maryland Auto is funded wholly by the premiums paid by our policyholders and our investment portfolio.

Has the organization changed its name from Maryland Auto Insurance Fund to Maryland Auto Insurance?

Legally our name remains Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund; however, when referring to ourselves, we drop the “Fund” from our name to shed the myth that we operate on Maryland tax dollars. We believe Maryland Auto Insurance, or simply Maryland Auto, is a more accurate representation of our business model and mission to improve the state’s uninsured motorist crisis.

Why do I need insurance?

Maryland state law requires that all drivers carry automobile insurance. Driving without insurance can result in fines from the Motor Vehicle Administration. These fines can add up to $2,460 per year before interest.

Equally important, insurance protects you, your passengers, and your property from losses incurred due to bodily injury or property damage sustained in a covered accident.

How many uninsured drivers are there in Maryland?

Based on studies by the Insurance Research Council, Maryland has an uninsured driver rate of approximately 12 percent, which is more than 400,000 uninsured drivers on Maryland roads, or one out of every six cars.

Can I buy an insurance policy directly from Maryland Auto?

Maryland Auto is not a direct seller of insurance. We partner with a network of over 1,400 insurance providers across Maryland to sell private passenger and commercial policies. Purchasing a Maryland Auto Insurance policy works the same as purchasing a policy from another company.

When I go to MyMarylandAuto.com and purchase a policy, am I buying directly from Maryland Auto?

No. All purchases through MyMarylandAuto.com are assigned to one of the providers in our network.

How is my premium determined?

The rating of your insurance policy is based on many factors, including: driving record of the listed driver(s), age, sex, marital status, where the listed driver lives (or where the vehicle is primarily garaged), vehicle type, and vehicle usage. Maryland Auto does not factor credit, occupation, or education into our premium rating.

Does Maryland Auto insure motorcycles?

Yes, we insure motorcycles as well as mopeds, motor scooters, and other low-speed vehicles.

How can I pay for Maryland Auto Insurance?

We offer a range of payment plans to fit every budget. Options include:

  • Payment in full: Pay your entire premium at the date of purchase to receive a discount.
  • Interest-free installment plan: Pay over time without paying any interest through a third party.
  • Finance through an extended payment plan: Pay over time with added interest through a third party.

Isn’t Maryland Auto more expensive?

Not necessarily. Our mission is to make insurance accessible and affordable to all Marylanders. Our basic rates are in line with the rest of the insurance industry in the state, although each situation is unique when it comes to premium rates. A driver’s individual driving record may dictate a higher premium regardless of insurance carrier.

What is a “Maryland Insurance Certification” or FR19?

This is a form that the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) may request to verify previous or current insurance coverage. An FR19 certifies that the listed vehicle carries Maryland state liability coverage for the specific dates requested on the MVA’s form.

The FR19 can only be issued by the insurer/insurance company or an authorized agent. It is free of charge and can be faxed directly to the MVA. The MVA will only accept the original FR19; no photocopies will be accepted.

How do I request an FR19?

You can contact your agent and request the form. If you can’t remember which agent you purchased your Maryland Auto policy through, you can call our Policy Services Department at 800-492-7120. Please provide the case number provided by the MVA when requesting an FR19.

How do I get a copy of my insurance ID card?

You can call your agent or Maryland Auto’s Policy Services Department at 800-492-7120.

How long do I have to add a newly purchased vehicle to my policy?

Replacement Vehicle

If the new vehicle replaces a vehicle listed on your policy and you have collision and comprehensive coverage, the same coverage will transfer to the replacement vehicle only if Maryland Auto Insurance is advised of the replacement within 30 days of delivery. If you fail to notify Maryland Auto within 30 days and you previously had comprehensive or collision coverage, the coverage will not apply to the replacement vehicle.

Liability coverage will transfer regardless of when you advise Maryland Auto of the replacement vehicle.

If the vehicle being replaced does not have collision and comprehensive coverage, that coverage must be requested for the replacement vehicle on or prior to the delivery date.

Additional Vehicle

If Maryland Auto Insurance insures all owned and registered vehicles on your policy and at least one vehicle has collision and comprehensive coverage, that coverage will transfer to the additional vehicle only if Maryland Auto is notified within 30 days of the delivery date.

Liability coverage will be afforded to the additional vehicle if we insure all owned and registered vehicles, but only if you notify Maryland Auto within 30 days of its delivery.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as an example only and is not a commitment for coverage under any actual policy or claim.

Why did Maryland Auto move to Baltimore, and when did the move take place?

In order to continue the important work we have done for over 40 years, Maryland Auto took steps to remain financially strong and viable with its headquarters move. With a 230-person workforce, we sought to relocate our headquarters to a more appropriately sized building. During our search, we sought a location that would allow our team to enjoy a vibrant and developed outdoor space, an energizing and collaborative work atmosphere, convenient access to amenities, and a healthy work/life/play environment.

We moved into our new building over the weekend of July 4, 2015. Our new home helps us to attract and retain top-notch insurance professionals who will in turn position us to better serve the Marylanders who depend on us.

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