How to Report a Claim

Make sure everyone is safe. Call the police.
Then follow these steps.

Your health and safety are most important after any accident. If there are injuries, please follow the advice of any emergency personnel at the scene. Once everyone involved is safe and attended to, do the following:

Steps to Reporting a Claim


Collect as many details as possible.

Don’t rely on the police report as your only record of events, as it may take up to 30 days for Maryland Auto to receive a copy of the report. Make sure to write down the names, contact info, license plate and driver’s license numbers for all drivers and passengers in the cars involved. If there were any witnesses, be sure to get their contact information as well.

Remember to take pictures!

Use your phone’s camera to obtain pictures of the following:

  • Damage to all of the vehicles involved, including your own. Get wide shots well as close-up shots of any areas that have sustained damage.
  • The area around the accident scene, as well as any unusual road conditions (ice, debris, construction, etc.) that may have contributed to the accident.
  • If the other drivers agree, a photo of their tag and driver’s license is also a good way to capture their information.

Limit discussions with others.

Save the details and discussions for the police and for us. It’s always best to have an officer on the scene to record an official version of the events as soon after the accident as possible.



Our claim representatives are trained in investigation and are best able to analyze all of the factors involved to determine fault.

You can submit your claim online using this form:

Report Your Claim

Please have the following information available:


Names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone involved (those involved and/or witnesses)


Driver’s license and license plate numbers of those involved in the accident


Date, time, and description of accident


Photos of the accident (you can upload them to the Report a Claim form or email them to us)

Your claim rep will contact you within 24 hours to:

  • Verify any information collected at the scene
  • Provide you with a claim number
  • Walk you through the next steps for your claim
  • Discuss your accident in order to begin our investigation

During the investigation process you may be contacted by a claim rep from another driver’s insurance company or a lawyer representing anyone else who was involved. Should that happen, you are not required to answer any questions. We recommend you refer them to your Maryland Auto claim representative. 

If you’ve already reported your claim, you can find your claim # or contact your claim rep below.

Contact Your Claim Rep

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