The holiday season is here! This time of year can be stressful enough with all of the items on our checklist – decorating, getting the house ready for visitors, cooking, and holiday parties. And that’s before you consider holiday shopping and all the hectic things that go with it, such as overcrowded parking lots, traffic, break-ins, and fender benders. Check out these few safety tips to help keep you on the nice list this holiday season.


Before you venture out, prepare yourself. Expect the parking situation to be stressful. It’s always a safe bet to assume that drivers can’t see you when backing out. Some drivers may become impatient so, don’t be surprised if your spot gets taken. There’s always another space available somewhere in the parking lot. A parking space isn’t worth getting into a fender bender or a shouting match. The amount of time it takes to find a new spot is nothing compared to the time it will take to deal with mall security or police if you and another driver get into an altercation.


Park in Well-Lit Areas

Aside from providing some personal safety, parking in well-lit areas can help avoid an accident as you try to pull out of your space. Keep in mind what time it gets dark. The well-lit spot you grab at 2:30 in the afternoon might be in the dark when you return a couple of hours later. If you know you’ll be shopping past sunset; you might consider grabbing a spot closer to a light – even if it’s a bit farther to walk.

Shop With Friends

Ask some friends to tag along while shopping as being with others can help keep each other safe. This is also a great way to spend quality time with your friends or family during this hectic time of year.


Hide Gifts in the Trunk

Don’t leave gifts or other valuable items visible in your car. If you can see it from outside the vehicle, so can a thief. So instead, put bags, purses, and any other valuables in the trunk. If you can’t fit them in the trunk, bring a blanket to cover them. And plan your purchases. Try to buy the most oversized item last so that once you have it in the car, you can head home.

Supply Chain Shortages

The U.S economy is facing some challenges in the supply chain from a shortage of workers and lack of materials. Expect to see some bare store shelves, a rise in items’ cost and shipping delays for your purchases. The best way to get around these hurdles would be to order your gifts as early as possible so they can arrive on time or even earlier. Before leaving the house, check to see the availability on the store’s website so you can prepare for where to shop.


Cyber Monday/ Online Shopping

If you are finding it to be a busy time, online shopping can alleviate the time you spend in stores. Cyber Monday is a great time to do online shopping as countless stores will be having deals all day and possibly all week. Many companies are starting their pre-sales so orders can be placed sooner rather than later to avoid shipping delays. With the rise of online shopping over the past couple of years, the pandemic has definitely pushed e-commerce shopping forward as brick-and-mortar stores are competing directly with online shopping.


And the simplest tip of all… don’t forget to lock your car.

We wish you a fun, safe, and low-stress holiday season.


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