Notice of Board of Trustees Meeting

The Board of Trustees of the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund will conduct a telephone meeting on April 23, 2013 at 11:30 AM. It is anticipated that all or part of the meeting will be conducted in a closed session (not open to the public) under MD State Government Code section […]

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  • MAIF Operation: Safe Prom 2013 Video Contest

    Prom night can be one of the most dangerous nights of a high schooler’s life. MAIF wants to encourage Maryland high schoolers to make good choices this prom season, when it comes to texting and driving or impaired driving. MAIF is sponsoring its first Operation: Safe Prom video contest, calling […]

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  • Winter Safety Kit

    With the next blast of Winter weather heading our way, we’re looking at the items that you should have in your car during this time of year. What you keep in your trunk could mean the difference between getting to your destination safely and being stuck on the side of […]

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  • MAIF Offers Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

    Holiday shopping can be stressful and frustrating enough, without any help. Throw in the added hassle of arguing over parking spaces, fender benders, vehicle break-ins, and even car theft, and surviving the holiday shopping season can turn the cheeriest Who in Whoville into a Grinch. Here are some tips for staying […]

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  • Homecoming Safety Tips for Parents and Teen Drivers

    The number one killer of teens in the U.S. is traffic accidents. As we get into the peak of Homecoming season, it’s important for parents and teens to work together to make sure that everyone comes home safely from the dance. Here are some safety and planning tips to to […]

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  • Scooters and Motorcycles: Two Wheels? MAIF can help.

    Starting on Monday, there were some big changes for MAIF and for Marylanders who ride motor scooters and mopeds. A new law went into effect on October 1, requiring owners of these vehicles to insure them. And for the first time in our thirty-nine year history, MAIF is able to provide insurance to our […]

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  • Please Watch for Kids During Summer Vacation

    Summer vacation is here. For kids all across Maryland, the daily routine of school has been replaced with a steady dose of sandlot baseball & pick-up basketball, running through the sprinkler in the yard or playing at the neighborhood playground, zipping around on bikes and scooters, and making their way […]

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  • May is Move Over Month

    MAIF and the Maryland State Police teamed up to promote awareness of Maryland’s Move Over Law. The law requires drivers to immediately reduce speed, and to move over if safely possible whenever they see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder, with its emergency lights activated.

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  • Session Scoop: "Well Heeled" – My Foot!

    The Scoop, as you can imagine, follows the news fairly carefully. Towards the end of session, especially as gaming bills took prominence, over and over again we saw articles claiming “well-heeled lobbyists with their I-Pads” were influencing legislation.

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  • Home Slide Four

    Afraid you’ve received too many tickets? MAIF can help. MAIF protects Maryland drivers by providing the opportunity to be insured. If you’re having trouble getting auto insurance, we can help. Learn More About MAIF

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