Below is the full text of the Letter to the Editor that was published in the May 26 edition of the Baltimore Sun.

As we approach the summer season, the most dangerous time of year on our roadways, I urge Maryland drivers to stay alert and monitor their speed. In addition to the risk of personal injury and property damage, there are also financial consequences to poor driving habits (”Where is the rage (and policing) over deaths on Maryland’s roads?” April 19).

Maryland law requires all vehicles to carry insurance that meets the state’s minimum insurance requirements. The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration assesses fines for uninsured driving that can cost the vehicle owner up to $2,500 per vehicle each year.

Drivers who have accidents or points on their driving record may face challenges in obtaining auto insurance coverage for their vehicle. Distracted driving and speed-related crashes can also increase insurance premiums due to “rating points” assigned by insurance carriers. Without insurance, there is no coverage for damages to people or property caused by crashes.

Brought to you by the state of Maryland, Maryland Auto Insurance is actively doing our part to educate Marylanders and promote safe driving by offering resources through our website at We also partner with MDOT’s Highway Safety Office to share safety messaging and engage drivers in the community at events.

The only requirements to get coverage through Maryland Auto Insurance are that the policyholder is a Maryland resident, owns an automobile registered in Maryland or has a valid Maryland driver’s license. Additionally, the driver must have had their policy canceled, or two or more insurance companies must have denied them coverage.

We encourage Marylanders to stay safe and to maintain insurance coverage while on the road this summer. To learn more about Maryland Auto Insurance or to obtain a quote, visit our website at

— Al Redmer Jr., Baltimore