June 15, 2023 (Baltimore) Maryland Auto has created a new resource for those exploring career opportunities in the insurance industry. Local programs are supported by reputable organizations like the Maryland Insurance Administration and the National Association of Insurance Professionals.

According to the University of Baltimore’s website, the Maryland Insurance Administration has noted that there is a talent gap in the insurance field, with jobs available in underwriting, marketing, human resources, technology and data analytics, and risk management. Insurance professionals often find long-term career satisfaction. A recent article published by P&C Specialist lists 20 carriers with average tenures ranging between 3.4 to 10.8 years, and Maryland Auto’s average tenure for employees is 14 years.

This stability, combined with the opportunities for growth and advancement, make the industry an attractive option to recent graduates or even those who may be considering a change in their career path. Programs offered at University of Baltimore, Harford Community College, and more, include specializations in business administration, risk management, help desk professional, and casualty specializations. This list of local education opportunities including bachelor’s degree programs, professional certificate programs, and internship programs can be found at mymdauto.com/education.

About Maryland Auto

Maryland Auto Insurance, an independent agency of the State of Maryland, is a mission-driven organization dedicated to reducing the number of uninsured drivers on Maryland roadways. Maryland Auto provides access to insurance for drivers who currently are unable to obtain coverage from standard carriers. Maryland Auto was established in 1972 by the State of Maryland to protect its citizens from the risks and costs associated with uninsured driving. For more information, visit www.MyMarylandAuto.com.

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