The FineFix program ended on July 31, 2021.

No new enrollments or additional payments can be accepted.

Congratulations to the nearly 20,000 residents who took advantage of the FineFix program to clear outstanding uninsured driver fines and regain the ability to register a vehicle.

If you enrolled in FineFix, but did not complete your payment plan:

Enrollees who still have an outstanding account balance must contact the Maryland Central Collections Unit (CCU) at 1-888-248-0345. You will need to speak with a CCU representative to obtain updated information on debt balances and payment options.

Because your payment plan was not completed by July 31, 2021, you have defaulted on the FineFix program.

As a result:

  • The 80% of uninsured auto fines that were forgiven at enrollment will be reinstated.
  • Any related vehicle registration flags with the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA), which were removed as part of the program, will also be reinstated.
  • Future Maryland tax refunds may be intercepted by CCU.

You can still contact CCU at 1-888-248-0345 to discuss options outside of FineFix for resolving your outstanding fines.

If you have completed the FineFix program:

To request documentation or details regarding completed FineFix accounts contact CCU at 1-888-248-0345.

As a reminder, the terms of the FineFix program require that participants who either already owned or later purchase a vehicle must register and obtain insurance on their vehicle(s).

In order to avoid defaulting on the FineFix program and having fines reinstated, insurance must remain in force for:

  • At least 6 months if the original, non-discounted fines were less than $3,000.
  • At least 1 year If the original amount owed was greater than $3,000.

Participants may purchase insurance from any insurance company. However, all FineFix participants are automatically eligible for coverage with Maryland Auto Insurance. Find an Authorized Maryland Auto Provider near you or start a quote, online.

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