Managing finances and saving money should be a priority for most of us. It’s important to have a solid understanding of the flow of your money so that you know exactly how much you have available to you at any given moment. What money do you have coming in, what is due for bills or expenses, and when?

It is also important to put money aside for those unforeseen expenses such as car or home repairs…or just for fun expenses like vacations.

Because budgeting is such an important and widely needed (and under-utilized) skill, many State, Federal and Non-Profit organizations offer resources to help you create a budget that is manageable and easy to use. Here are a few to explore:

Consumer.gov  offers a budgeting worksheet that does the math for you.

baltimorecountymd.gov offers financial resources and advice for Maryland residents.

A budget is your plan for how you will spend money over a set period of time. It shows how much money you make and how you spend your money. Creating a budget can help you:

  • Pay your bills on time. (Which can improve your credit score)
  • Save for unplanned expenses in the future.
  • Prepare for retirement.

MyMoney.gov offers resources to create a budget and build your savings to achieve your goals.

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