4 Ways to Drive Safely Around School Buses

Schools in Maryland are opening back up for in-person learning after a year of online school. Now is a good time for a refresher on maneuvering the roads with schools, buses, and students walking in neighborhoods. Maryland law requires vehicles on both sides of the road to stop completely for […]

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  • Maryland Auto Launches New, Improved Online Quoting System

    Getting an insurance policy doesn’t need to be a complicated or cumbersome process. Maryland Auto has launched a new, improved online system where you can get a quote in as little as five minutes. We’ve made several improvements to our quoting system, including: A new, improved intuitive user flow. Auto-filling […]

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  • How Your Child Tax Credit Can Help You Save on Insurance

    As part of the expanded Child Tax Credit program, the IRS has begun issuing advance tax credit payments via direct deposit to eligible recipients. The payments are being distributed monthly between July 15 and December 15, 2021, to the bank account on file with the IRS. The Child Tax Credit […]

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  • “Jump In” Fraud Attempt Foiled by Maryland Auto and a Baltimore City Police Bodycam

    “Jumping in,” also known as “passenger stuffing,” “opportunity fraud,” or “questionable occupancy,” is one of the most common types of auto insurance fraud. These terms are used to described situations in which an individual who was not in a vehicle at the time of an accident claims to have been […]

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  • College Students, Check These 6 Things Before Driving Back to School this Fall

    Summer is coming to a close, which means it’s back to the books. While you are creating your back-to-school checklists, make sure to consider what you need for your car, too. 1. Windshield Wipers Replacing windshield wipers will be helpful when it comes to rain and snow, as the blades […]

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  • National Drive-Thru Day

    National Drive-Thru Day will be on Saturday, July 24th this year. For over 90 years, drive-thrus have been a convenient way to get a meal on the go. During the pandemic, many businesses and restaurants were forced to adapt and find ways to remain open and serve food without allowing […]

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  • Who is covered under my policy?

    Are you held responsible for accidents when someone else is driving your car? When an accident occurs, auto insurance typically follows the vehicle, not the driver. What happens when someone else is driving your vehicle without your permission? Auto policies vary from insurer to insurer. Insurance carriers will typically offer […]

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  • Collector Car Shows Around Maryland

    Are you still looking for items for your Summer Bucket List? One of the great summer (and fall) traditions is the many vintage and antique car shows held across Maryland. Whether you’re bringing your own car to show off or just appreciating others’ cars, these shows are fun for everyone! […]

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  • Out of State Accidents: Am I Covered?

    Getting into an accident is scary no matter where it is, but what happens if you’re out of state when the unthinkable happens? Your first thought might be wondering if you’re still covered. Most insurance companies will provide coverage to you within the United States and its territories. Some will […]

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  • Uncomplicate Your Life: The Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

    Auto insurance is one of the few purchases we make that we hope we never need to use. But having insurance gives you the peace of mind that if something does happen, you and your car or property are protected. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of drivers […]

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