Your first car is a big deal!

It’s a right of passage, a part of growing up, a milestone in life. Whatever you call it, purchasing your first car is a BIG DEAL! Since this is your first large purchase, it’s important to start the process with a solid understanding of your finances, goals and the type […]

Don’t fall for Fall

Leaves turn beautiful colors, it’s just chilly enough for sweaters and a comfortable pair of jeans, pumpkins are everywhere, and the holidays are right around the corner.  Fall is a beautiful time of year, in the Mid-Atlantic but with Fall comes wetter, frostier conditions, fallen leaves and fewer hours of […]

Fall is here and so is school traffic!

The summer is winding down and a new school year has begun.  With the start of school, many new and returning students will be making their way to school in buses, cars, on bikes, skateboards, as well as on foot.  In Maryland, a good number of our students travel to […]

Holiday Shopping Safety

Holiday shopping can be stressful and frustrating enough on its own. Throw in the added hassle of arguing over parking spaces, fender benders, vehicle break-ins and theft, and the holiday shopping season can turn the cheeriest Who in Whoville into a Grinch. Here are a few safety tips for holiday shopping […]

Halloween Safety Tips – 2017

via GIPHY Halloween is coming! Drivers will have to deal with scary monsters, demons, and clowns. And that’s just on the highways! Seriously though, with Halloween falling on a weeknight his year, commuters will be driving home as daylight fades and as kids are heading out to trick or treat. […]

Car Shopping Tips

Like most things these days, buying a car is meant to be an experience. You’re so excited take a test drive, fall in love with a car, and then go off in your perfect new vehicle that you forget buying a new car is actually a complicated process. This checklist […]

The Maryland Auto Minute

We’ve kicked off an exciting new public awareness campaign running through the Summer of 2017, the Maryland Auto Minute! The program includes a series of weekly one-minute segments airing on radio and television in both English and Spanish.  During the first part of the year, the spots emphasized tax season […]

Prom Safety Tips for Teens and Parents

Prom season is coming. While prom is exciting for teens, it can be very stressful for parents, waiting for their kids to get home, or check in. According to the Centers for Disease Control, motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teens in the United States. As we head […]

President’s Day Weekend – Insurance Tips for Car Shopping

Auto dealers take advantage of increased inventory of new year models and available manufacturer incentives to make President’s Day weekend the kickoff to their sales year. When shopping for a new car, the cost of insurance is often a forgotten factor. If you’re in the market for a new car, […]

Safe Prom Contest 2017

Put your GIF, meme, & video skills to use and you could win money for your school’s after prom party! We need your help to remind teen drivers to avoid drunk or distracted driving – especially during prom season. Enter Maryland Auto’s 2017 Safe Prom Contest by submitting an original […]

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