Case Study: Uninsured Division Helps Elderly Hit-And-Run Victim

The Uninsured Division (UD) is a division of the State of Maryland administered by Maryland Auto Insurance. The UD handles claims in which someone is injured in an accident caused by another person who has no insurance to cover those injuries. This case involved an elderly woman who was injured […]

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  • Slow Down and Move Over: How to Share the Road with Emergency Vehicles

      Maryland’s “Move Over” law, which was originally passed in 2010 and originally only applied to emergency vehicles, expanded in 2019 to include tow trucks as well. October 1, 2021 marked the three-year anniversary of the expanded law going into effect. Vehicles with flashing lights, whether they’re red, white, blue, […]

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  • Driving Safely in Winter Weather

    Winter is here and as we approach more snow-filled months, consider creating a checklist for your car to ensure safe travel during this season. Here are a few things that can make navigating the winter weather (and roads) a bit safer: Build a safety kit: An emergency safety kit is […]

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  • Case Study: Car Accident Captures Thief

    Recently, what started as a simple accident claim resulted in a car thief helping to get himself get captured. This case starts when our policyholder reported that he was a passenger in a car that he claimed was, “owned by a friend’s girlfriend.” In his claim, the policyholder stated that […]

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  • Stay Safe This Holiday Season

    The holiday season is here! This time of year can be stressful enough with all of the items on our checklist – decorating, getting the house ready for visitors, cooking, and holiday parties. And that’s before you consider holiday shopping and all the hectic things that go with it, such […]

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  • Auto Insurance Fraud: Everyone Pays for Crime

    International Fraud Awareness Week is November 14 – 20, 2021. Insurance fraud affects anyone who has an insurance policy. According to The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, “Insurance fraud is one of America’s largest crimes — at least $80 billion is stolen each year.” The Coalition estimates that the average household […]

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  • Driving Safely on Rural Roads

    Driving along backroads can be tricky, especially as daylight savings comes to an end this fall. Rural roads can bring many surprises, so check out these tips to ensure your commute is safe. Pedestrians and Cyclists: Rural roads may be close to hiking trails, so expect to see people walking […]

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  • Trick or Treating Safety This Halloween

    All Hallows’ Eve is upon us. This year, Halloween falls on Sunday, so there may be parties and trick or treating on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You may see little ghouls, goblins, and ghosts running around looking for candy. This year, you will likely see more trick or treaters than […]

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  • Case Study: Policyholder Commits Fraud Causing Arrest For Additional Crime

    Insurance professionals at Maryland Auto are dedicated to identifying and preventing fraudulent claims. Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has developed strong working relationships within the local law enforcement community. Sometimes, in the course of a fraud investigation, we find that the would-be scammer is wanted for other crimes. Recently, a […]

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  • New to the Country: A Guide to Getting Auto Insurance in Maryland

    Moving can be complicated- especially when it’s to a completely different country. Getting auto insurance doesn’t need to be difficult, though. Whether you’re in the US on a temporary visa or have moved here permanently, becoming a resident of Maryland will require you to comply with Maryland’s insurance laws. What […]

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