Case Study: Victim of Hit and Run Aided through the Uninsured Division

Recently, the Uninsured Division of Maryland Auto assisted the victim of a hit and run who was facing over $86,000 in medical bills with no insurance. Luckily, the Uninsured Division (UD) was able to step in to help. A woman was crossing the road at a street corner when she […]

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  • Maryland Auto Takes Suspected Fraud to Court

    Maryland Auto is committed to preventing fraudulent claims. Our claim representatives are trained to identify suspicious loss indicators, or “red flags,” to determine if a claim warrants further investigation through our Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Fraud can take many forms from altered facts of the accident to unrelated or exaggerated […]

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  • State of Maryland Election Judges Needed

    The Maryland State Board of Elections is in need of election judges for the 2022 primary and general elections. These judges play an important role in the election process and work as a team to ensure a fair and accessible election. The Primary Election Day is Tuesday, July 19, 2022 […]

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  • What Is Rental Reimbursement Coverage and Are You Missing Out?

    One of the most frustrating parts of an accident is being without your car while its being repaired. Rental coverage can help you keep moving forward while you’re waiting to get your car back. Rental reimbursement coverage helps with the cost of a rental vehicle while damage to your car […]

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  • Case Study: The Case of the Disappearing SUV

    Adjusters look for suspicious loss indicators (SLIs) or “red flags” that indicate potential fraud when handling claims. A common SLI for theft fraud is if the “stolen” vehicle was recently purchased or if additional coverages were added to the policy just prior to the vehicle going missing. This claim arises […]

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  • Car Ride! Everything You Need to Know about Transporting Your Pet

    Of the many words that excite our pets, “car ride” are two that send our dogs into a frenzy. While everyone knows how to keep humans safe in the car, there aren’t nearly as many studies on how to keep our furry friends safe. Why Should I Restrain My Pet? […]

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Give Your Car A Refresh This Spring

    Spring is in the air, and it’s time to give your car a refresh! Spring cleaning season is the perfect time to show your vehicle some extra care. Here are some easy ways to rejuvenate your car: Wash Your Car You may find your car getting a yellowish hue due […]

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  • Combat Drowsy Driving During Daylight Savings

    Daylight Savings Time begins on March 13th this year. This means one less hour of sleep and an abrupt change to your sleep schedule, so make sure to be extra alert during your morning drive. Depending on what time you leave your house in the morning, it may be dark […]

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  • Don’t Forget About Insurance When Car Shopping This Presidents Day

    Presidents Day Weekend is a great time to find sales and discounts, especially at car dealerships. Although dealers may have smaller inventories this year due to the shortage of semiconductor chips (which are used in computerized controls on many vehicles), some dealers are still offering some good deals on both […]

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  • Case Study: Think Before You Speak

    While violent crime often captivates the public’s attention and is the subject of much of the news and entertainment consumed in the U.S., white-collar crimes, like insurance fraud, don’t always get the same strong negative reaction. Insurance schemes can be complicated and messy and insurance companies don’t look like the […]

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