The coronavirus pandemic has caused financial hardships for many Marylanders including those who have lost jobs or missed work due to illness. This may result in a loss of insurance coverage. As drivers begin to get back on the road, some may have difficulty finding insurance coverage from standard carriers due to a lapse in coverage or a change in credit score.

To drive legally in Maryland, you need more than a valid driver’s license. Even though you may not be driving your car as frequently as you were before the pandemic, if you still have valid tags on the vehicle, you are required to carry auto insurance. You must have car insurance that provides the minimum state requirements —plus any other coverage required by your lender if you have a loan on your car. Currently, Maryland requires minimum liability limits of 30/60/15 or $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident for bodily injury and $15,000 per accident for property damage.

As Maryland continues to reopen, maintaining or re-acquiring insurance is important. “We know that many Marylanders have been hurt by the pandemic,” says Maryland Auto Insurance Executive Director, Al Redmer, Jr. “People who have lost jobs may have lost their credit. That will make it difficult for them to be eligible for auto insurance coverage from many standard carriers. Maryland Auto will be an important resource during recovery from the state of emergency.”

Some carriers factor credit scores into their eligibility and ratings. Maryland Auto does not use credit or employment history to determine eligibility or ratings. With Maryland Auto, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be covered fully within the law.

“Society in general is going to be dealing with the financial challenges associated with COVID-19 for many months down the road.” says Redmer. “Our mission is to reduce the number of uninsured motorists in the state. We are going to be here to help people get back on their feet after this crisis.”

Maryland Auto also offers a network of over 1,400 professionals. An insurance provider can help you understand all of the insurance coverages available to you to determine which levels of coverage might be the best for your individual situation. Your agent can review your financial situation and help you determine the best fit for you. To find an authorized Maryland Auto agent near you, visit

Maryland Auto is an independent agency of the state that provides automobile liability insurance to Maryland residents who are unable to obtain automobile insurance in the private market. We have helped Maryland residents with their insurance needs for over 40 years, regardless of credit, driving record, or driving experience. If you’ve been turned down or cancelled by other insurance companies, Maryland Auto will cover you. Guaranteed.