Halloween is coming! Drivers will have to deal with scary monsters, demons, and clowns. And that’s just on the highways! Seriously though, with Halloween falling on a weeknight his year, commuters will be driving home as daylight fades and as kids are heading out to trick or treat.

Here are some tips to make sure this Halloween is fun and safe for everyone.

Get home earlier. With Halloween being a school night, kids will likely start trick or treating right around sunset, which should be just after 6 p.m. – right in the thick of the evening commute. If you can, plan to head out a bit early on Tuesday so you can get home before sunset, and before neighborhood streets fill up with trick-or-treaters.


Stay alert and park the phone! With less light for your evening commute and deer running into traffic all over the area, this time of year already demands your full attention behind the wheel. On Halloween, kids will be crossing the street in places you’re not used to seeing them. They’ll be excited to get from house to house quickly and may be wearing masks that keep them from seeing cars. It’s important for drivers to be extra cautious and to eliminate all distractions.

Be seen! Parents, help make it easier for drivers to see you and your trick-or-treaters! Add glow sticks to costumes or candy bags, wear reflective clothing, or turn on the flash light on your cell phone…anything to help drivers see you.

Don’t Let Your Costume Get in the Way! Celebrating at a costume party? If you get ready at home and head to the party in costume, make sure your costume accessories don’t hinder your ability to safely operate your vehicle. Wings, masks, or even make-up prosthetic can impair your ability to sit correctly in the driver’s seat, to fasten your seat belt, and can limit your range of motion or your visibility. Yet another reason to consider an alternate mode of transportation.

Don’t Drink and Drive! While most Halloween parties are held the weekend before or after the holiday, some restaurants and bars have Halloween events scheduled for the actual night. If you choose to attend a Halloween event, you probably won’t be home to encounter trick-or-treaters on the streets. However, you do need to get home safely…especially if you’ve had a few drinks. Please call a cab, an Uber or Lyft, or a friend to get home if you’ve been drinking!


Have a safe and happy Halloween!