The Uninsured Division (UD) is a division of the State of Maryland administered by Maryland Auto Insurance. The UD handles claims in which a Maryland resident has been injured due to an accident caused by another person who has no insurance to cover those injuries.

A recent case occurred in Baltimore County and involved an elderly pedestrian who was struck by a black SUV while he was crossing the street. The SUV made a right turn and struck the man in the crosswalk, then sped away. The pedestrian was badly injured and transported to the hospital.

The man suffered a head injury that required a craniectomy, a procedure in which part of the skull is removed to relieve pressure on the brain. He was admitted to intensive care and then underwent rehabilitation at a specialized facility. This resulted in medical bills exceeding $100,000.

An eyewitness provided a statement to the responding police officer, but could only provide a partial license plate number for the hit-and-run vehicle.

Video footage of the accident was captured by a nearby Tesla. However, the footage provided no additional information about the SUV.

Despite exhaustive efforts by both the pedestrian’s attorney and the UD adjuster, attempts to identify the hit-and-run vehicle using partial tag information were unsuccessful.

Upon concluding the investigation, the UD determined that the injured pedestrian had no insurance coverage for his injuries. As a result, the UD paid out $30,000, which is the maximum amount available under Maryland statute. This is an example of how the Uninsured Division fulfills its mission of providing coverage for injured Marylanders who have no other insurance coverage for injuries sustained in a crash.

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