The Uninsured Division (UD) is a division of the State of Maryland administered by Maryland Auto Insurance. The UD handles claims in which a Maryland resident has been injured as a result of an accident caused by another person who has no insurance to cover those injuries.

In this case, there was confusion around the details of the event when the victim’s daughter initially reported the incident. As she was crossing the street at an intersection, the claimant was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle. However, when investigating the case, the medical records indicated that the claimant was thrown from a moving car.

In the effort to find more information, our representative reached out to a neighbor of the claimant. Unfortunately, this neighbor happened upon the scene just after the incident and did not see the accident occur. Initially, he thought the victim’s body was a pile of trash on the street. He saw a group of teenagers standing around it, then quickly realized it was a person on the ground. Unfortunately, residents of this area are accustomed to seeing the effects of violence and drug use, and the neighbor thought someone may have fallen victim to one of those issues. Upon further examination, he realized that the woman in the street was a friend’s mother.

The neighbor called 911, telling EMS personnel on the scene that the woman was thrown from a moving vehicle. This is what he heard from one of the teens. Initially, the teens would not provide their account of the incident to the police

After urging from the neighbor, the teens reluctantly shared that they witnessed the claimant get struck by a vehicle. They did not have any identifying information about the hit-and-run car.
Since the at-fault person could not be found and our claimant lives alone with no car and no insurance that could assist with her injuries, the UD was able to step in and help. We paid off a Medicare lien and used the remaining limits to assist with the substantial medical bills that resulted from the accident. This is an example of how the Uninsured Division fulfills its mission of providing coverage for injured Marylanders with no options of insurance coverage.

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