Baltimore, MD — Maryland Auto has announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at mitigating losses for commercial auto drivers in Maryland. The goal is to reduce accidents by educating commercial vehicle drivers about loss prevention, thereby, keeping insurance costs lower.

The focal point of this effort is a new portal on Maryland Auto’s website,, that provides information to consumers, specifically commercial vehicle drivers, on how to avoid aggressive driving and prevent distracted driving.

“Maryland Auto has identified behaviors that frequently lead to reported accidents and injuries among commercial auto drivers. This information drove the creation of a portal of online content geared towards helping these drivers identify and eliminate risky behaviors on the road,” said Maryland Auto Insurance Executive Director, Al Redmer, Jr

Maryland Auto will also be sharing targeted educational materials such as training courses, downloadable materials, and videos, with their network of producer partners to circulate among their commercial auto policyholders.

“Commercial vehicle drivers likely spend a higher percentage of time on the road than other drivers and are therefore at a higher risk for accidents. Implementing safe driving practices and taking preventative steps can reduce these risks and go a long way in making the roads safer for all Marylanders – and keeping insurance premiums down,” said Mr. Redmer.

The initiative utilizes resources from government and non-profit agencies, across the state, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the National Safety Council, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, and more.

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