(November 3, 2022) Baltimore, MD –As the insurance industry continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic and recent natural disasters, Maryland Auto is taking proactive steps to ensure that we are able to provide continual access to insurance for Maryland drivers and uninterrupted claims support in the event of an emergency.

The Maryland Department of Emergency Management (MEMA) facilitated a training exercise on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at Maryland Auto’s headquarters in Baltimore.  Leaders from Maryland Auto’s Claims, IT, Auditing and Communications departments collaborated to address mock scenarios such as storm damage and cyberattacks. During both scenarios, each department reviewed their Operational Support Plans to identify gaps and areas for strengthening preparedness plans.

“Recent years have demonstrated the importance of being prepared for a disaster or disruption to normal operations,” said Maryland Auto’s Executive Director, Al Redmer, Jr. “Between the pandemic and the increasing frequency of devastating natural disasters, it is critical to develop a response plan in advance and to make sure all key stakeholders are familiar with the plan.”

Subject matter experts from the State Continuity Program led this training that included plans for the appropriate course of action to take in the event of natural disasters such as a tropical storms or manmade emergencies such as cyber-attacks. Exercises were scenario-driven and geared to facilitate discussions about existing plans, and policies to respond to presented threats.

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