Annapolis, Md. – December 12, 2012 – The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) responded today to the passing of Maryland’s Civil Marriage Protection Act.

In a bulletin to the insurance providers responsible for writing MAIF policies, the Fund stated that, “In keeping with the legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly, as well as the residents of Maryland via referendum, and signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley on December 6, 2012, married rates for MAIF policies now apply to all valid marriages including civil unions.”  

Questions regarding MAIF policies or insurance rates can be directed to MAIF’s Policy Services Unit at 800-445-1117.

About MAIF:

MAIF was created by the Maryland State Legislature in 1972 for the purpose of providing automobile liability insurance for those residents of the State of Maryland who are unable to obtain it elsewhere in the private insurance market. MAIF receives its operating funds from insurance premiums paid by policyholders, and receives no funding from taxpayers via the Maryland General Fund.

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