New Maryland Insurance Laws

Maryland has three new insurance laws. Find out what they mean for you!

Here's what you need to know:

New $50 Fine:

If you're driving without an insurance card, you could be headed for a $50 fine.

Drivers who are unable to provide valid proof of insurance during a traffic stop face a $50 fine. Law enforcement officers now ask drivers to show proof of insurance at all traffic stops, along with their driver’s license and registration. Drivers can show the hard copy of the card or the electronic version of the card on your phone or electronic device.

During the introductory period for the new law, which went into effect last year, officers have issued warnings to drivers who don’t have a valid insurance ID. Starting July 1, 2017, tickets will be issued.

So what do you need to do?

If you have insurance, make sure you have your most recent insurance card. If you don’t have the current card, contact your insurer to request a copy or call our Policy Services team at 800-492-7120 and follow the prompts to “Policy” then “Personal Auto.”

If you don’t currently have insurance, you’re going to need it. This law is intended to help the state of Maryland identify uninsured drivers and encourage them to get insured. The $50 fine is only the start. Uninsured drivers in Maryland are subject to penalties. $150 for the first 30 days, then $7 every day after – and that’s for each uninsured vehicle – adding up to over $2,400 per year…less than the average annual Maryland Auto policy ($2,000).

The good news – you can get a valid insurance ID today! At the top of this page, Click Get A Quote to start the process online, or Find An Agent to find an authorized Maryland Auto provider near you.

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New Lower-Cost Alternative Now Available:

Need insurance? Skip "PIP" and get insured for less.

Eligible Maryland Auto customers may now purchase a policy without Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, reducing the cost of the annual premium – an option currently offered only by Maryland Auto.

Generally, if you’ve been uninsured, this new No PIP option is available to you. For new policyholders who’ve just dealt with the cost of purchasing a vehicle – or paid uninsured driver penalties – getting a new policy can be expensive. This new law allows eligible drivers to purchase a Maryland Auto policy without PIP, lowering the premium price in some cases by over $200, and making it easier to get on the right side of Maryland’s auto insurance requirement.

Until now, all Maryland drivers have been required to carry some level of PIP coverage, which pays up to $2,500 per person for medical bills and lost income for you and your passengers who are injured in a covered accident. Prior to this year, drivers have been able to choose from Full PIP coverage, which covers the driver and all passengers, or Limited PIP, which only provides coverage for household relatives under 16 years old.

This new No PIP option is available to eligible customers on the purchase of a new policy only. Upon renewal, No PIP policyholders will need to choose Limited or Full PIP. However, they may be eligible for “safe driver” and other discounts that can help offset the cost of PIP coverage in the future.

To find out if this No PIP option is right for you, contact one of our authorized providers or call our Policy Services team at 800-492-7120.

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