FineFix – Coming July 8, 2019

Maryland's Uninsured Auto Fine Forgiveness Program

FineFix is a partnership between the Uninsured Division of Maryland Auto and the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). This program gives eligible participants the opportunity to pay 20% of their uninsured auto fines owed to the MVA and have the other 80% forgiven. The remaining balance (20%) can be paid in one lump sum or installments using cash, credit card, or e-check.

FineFix is similar to Maryland’s 2017 insurance debt reduction program, but with fewer requirements:

  • Participants do not need to go to one of the state’s Central Collection Unit (CCU) locations to enroll in person.
  • Participants do not need to own or register a vehicle to be eligible for this program.

When will FineFix be available?

The FineFix program will begin in July and will run through the end of the year. In order to take advantage of FineFix, participants must enroll and make their first payment by December 31, 2019.

The FineFix website ( will be available beginning on July 8 for participants to check eligibility and enroll.

Who is eligible for FineFix?

Program eligibility is limited to those who have uninsured auto fines prior to January 1, 2017.

Eligible participants will receive a letter from FineFix between July and September. Those who do not receive a letter and wish to check eligibility will be able to do so via the FineFix site, which will be available in July.

Where can I get more info?

Beginning July 8, will be available to provide official details on the program. That same day, a dedicated 800-number for all FineFix inquiries will be available.

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